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Beat the Heat with High Performance Fishing Apparel

Fishing Apparel and Fishing Clothing for Hot Summer Days

Summer is a great time to be on the water fishing. The transition from spring not only impacts fish movements but it effects how you should prepare yourself for fishing in the heat. Growing up many can remember simply throwing on a hat, a tee shirt, and some shorts and hitting the water. Today, technology advances in fishing apparel have created performance fishing shirts and other clothing options that protect you from the harmful rays of the sun while being comfortable enough to fish in.

Fishing in the summer has two main challenges, temperature, and sunlight. Don’t forget that fishing is still a physical activity, albeit not running a marathon, it still can cause exhaustion if you are not careful. Having a cool fishing shirt and other performance clothing helps to control body temperature even on the warmest days. The high summer sun also produces more ultraviolet radiation (UV) than other times of the year that can lead to sunburns, accelerated aging and possibly skin cancer with prolonged exposure. It is important to protect yourself from the sun while fishing. Sunscreen is a must but the addition of an added layer of clothing is much better. Fishing clothing offers infused UV protection that gives maximum defense from the sweltering sun.

Beat the heat with high performance fishing apparel | Vicious Fishing

There are two types of anglers on the water in the summer: the casual angler who fishes weekend bites, and the serious angler who goes out every day no matter the conditions. For serious anglers, every moment on the water counts. Not only does your fishing tackle have to be high-performing but so does your fishing apparel. Your clothing has to be comfortable yet functional to remain cool and protective through every fishing hour. Not a serious angler? Performance fishing clothing is still essential for protecting yourself while angling this time of year. Beat the heat this summer on the water when the bite is on with the right fishing clothing.

Start with a Performance Fishing Shirt

A specifically designed fishing shirt has a number of features that the average shirt lacks. Fishing shirts not only keep you cool but they also provide added protection from the harsh summer sun. Full day fishing trips are made much easier this time of the year when your shirt is working for you. High-performance fishing shirts feature moisture control, UV protection, and fabrics that give you the flexibility and comfort to make every cast count.

Temperatures in summer months can rise quickly. The heat can easily make you become overheated. A high-performance fishing shirt is designed to keep you cool even in the hottest weather. Performance fishing shirts are breathable with moisture control fabric to wick sweat away from your skin. A moisture wicking technology like PURE-tech, which is embed into Vicious performance fishing shirts, keeps you dry no matter how hot it gets.

Moisture control is important but sun protection is essential in a high-performance fishing shirt. All types of fabric disrupt UV radiation to some degree. Outdoor clothing is increasingly being produced with fabrics that provide an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) to protect against UV rays. UPF is a rating system, similar to the sun protection factor (SPF) in sunscreen, used for apparel. It indicates how effectively a fabric shields skin from UV rays. The higher the UPF the better sun protection the fishing clothing provides. A fishing shirt with a UPF of 50 only allows 1/50 of the UV radiation to pass through it to the skin, which means it blocks 98% of the sun’s harmful rays.

Technology can only go so far in fishing apparel. Ultimately, your shirt has to be comfortable enough to fish in. Fishing comfortably in hot weather warrants a lightweight fabric that provides free motion for every aspect of fishing from casting to landing fish. The average angler typically doesn’t think much about their shirt when casting, but to elite anglers a shirt has to have flexibility to move with different casting motions. Unrestricted motion is critical to make the right casts at the right time when a tournment may be on the line.

Summer Fishing Headgear  

Shirts are only one part of your fishing apparel for summertime. The same characteristics that make a quality fishing shirt also carry through to your headgear choices. Hats, gaiters and sunglasses are all needed to protect against the sun and help battle the heat while fishing in the summer.

Hats vary across many styles. There are wide brim, baseball caps and visors as choices for anglers to cover their head. A wide brim hat, sometimes called a bucket or boonie hat, is the best choice for protection against the sun. Fishing hats like these come with many of the same features designed in high performance fishing shirts. Wide brim hats offer UPF sun protection and are constructed out of lightweight materials. Both are important to let heat escape while still protecting against UV rays. Baseball style fishing hats are a common choice for anglers. Even though they lack the added neck protection of a wide brim hat, they still help to shield some sunlight while on the water. No matter which hat style is your favorite, always have one with you while fishing.

Depending on the type of fishing hat you wear most often, you may or may not have full protection from the sun. An option when choosing to wear a baseball cap or fishing visor is to combine it with a gaiter. Gaiters are multifunctional performance headwear accessories that are commonly made from stretchy fabrics. Gaiters can be worn multiple ways. These lightweight fishing clothing accessories can be worn on the neck and around the face to provide protection to sensitive areas of your body like the face and ears that are typically left exposed to sunlight. Keep in mind that water reflects the sun. It intensifies the effects of UV rays and passes them up from the water surface to your face. A gaiter is a good addition for increased protection for head areas that are unprotected from your fishing hat. In addition on hot days, gaiters can be dipped into cool water and worn to keep you neck and head from overheating.

Beat the heat with high performance fishing apparel | Vicious Fishing

The final item every angler should have as part of their headgear is a quality pair of sunglasses. Choosing the right pair of fishing sunglasses is not easy because of the various styles and fits different brands are available in. Polarized shades are a must for anglers. They not only provide protection from the sun but also reduce glare on the water. Polarization gives you increased clarity when looking through the water, perfect for locating fish in shallow water. Fishing glasses need to fit comfortably so they stay on your face all day. The benefits of protection are only realized if you are wearing your shades. Sunglasses that are not comfortable tend to stay in the boat or in your truck. Find a pair that work for you to give yourself a leg up fishing while protecting your eyes from the summer sun.

Other Fishing Apparel and Gear for Summer

The main themes for fishing clothing intended for summer are about protecting from the sun’s harmful rays while also being cool enough to fight off mid-day summer heat. Most performance fishing clothing, including fishing shirts and hats already discussed, has built in UPF sun protection but that does not suggest you should skip traditional sunblock. Include sunscreen in your fishing tackle with all your other gear so that it is always with you while fishing. Check the expiration date as sunscreen should be no more than a year old to maintain its effectiveness. Pack at least SPF 30 that is sweatproof and waterproof. A good sunscreen should soak into your skin quickly. Lastly, reapply throughout the day as needed if you are fishing for multiple hours. Even if you are wearing fishing clothing with a UPF rating, apply sunscreen for increased protection.

The majority of anglers fish without gloves even the cold months. Wearing gloves while fishing can make casting and reeling in fish much more difficult. However, in the summer time you need protection on your hands. Your hands are constantly wet if you are catching fish so even the best waterproof sunscreen wears off quickly. A pair of gloves to protect your hands from the dangerous sun rays is the best alternative. Most come fingerless to help with fishing activities and have built-in UPF sun protection.

Although shirts and headwear are usually enough fishing clothing to get you by this time of year, you may want to add other lightweight performance fishing clothing like pants or shorts to complete your entire outfit. Just like fishing shirts, fishing pants are available with UPF protection. These garments also are made from moisture wicking fabric to further increase your comfortability while fishing in the heat.

With any fishing apparel, the choice of fabric colors should be natural. Whites, tans, grays, and blues help you to blend into the sky and surrounding environment. Fish have vision that is based mainly on contrast so clothing with as little contrast against the water is better. Flashy colors should be avoided as they can spook fish in shallow, clear waters.

Summer months are here. Water temperatures are rising and the unpredictable spring weather is giving way to hot sunny days. Fishing this time of year can be rewarding. Most species are in post-spawn mode and are actively feeding. The truth is your choice of fishing apparel matters as much as your tackle choices. You need performance fishing clothing that protects you from the sun, cools you in hot weather and remains comfortable for those long days on the water.

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