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Hot Fall Bass Fishing on Warm Days

Taking Advantage of Warm Days for Fall Bass Fishing

Uncharacteristic warm days in the fall and early winter are the best time to be on the water fall bass fishing. Changing weather patterns during these cold months can bring with them some of the most productive bass fishing in the fall. Warm days equals increasing water temperature, which even the smallest change is enough to get bass feeding.

Warm Water Equals Better Fall Bass Fishing

Fall bass fishing and bass fishing throughout the year for that matter is driven to a large extent by water temperature. As water temperature decreases during the change from fall to winter, bass move to deeper water and reduce their feeding activity. Fishing the fall turnover has passed in many areas and bass are now positioning themselves for winter. Even the slightest increase in water temperature, however, can spark an uptick in metabolism for bass which translates to catching more bass in the fall.

hot fall bass fishing on warm days | Vicious Fishing

Water temperature increases one of two ways in the fall. First, warm fronts can push through an area that can include higher temperatures, rain and changing barometric pressures. Passing warm fronts provide sufficient air temperature change and precipitation to raise some waterways a degree or two. It may not sound like a lot but it is enough to get bass actively feeding again. Another way water temperature can rise is through sunlight. The air temperature may be stable and cold but clear days with full sunlight transfers heat to the water. Not all the water will warm up the same way, however, in these two scenarios. Fishing in areas that warm quicker or stay warmer longer is one of many fall bass fishing tips that if understood can help you find more bass.

Finding Fall Bass on Warm Days

Once bass have migrated to deeper water, they tend not to move unless they have to. Moving in cold water expends energy that ultimately has to be replaced, which is a tough task in many waterways during this time of year. If you can find shallow areas adjacent to deeper water to fish, then catching more bass in the fall becomes easier.

On warm days, finding fall bass comes down to locating areas that are likely to warm up faster than other parts of the waters you are fishing. In lakes, shallow coves and rocky shorelines are going to see the most significant warming impacts with bright sunlight or changing weather patterns. The same holds true for fall smallmouth bass fishing. Smallmouths in rivers will move from deeper river channels on warmer days to shallow gravel pools to forage on crawfish. In conjunction with bass moving shallow, stained waters warm more quickly than clear waters so finding dirty water on warm fall days is where you want to fish.

Timing is also key for fall bass fishing. Fishing mornings and dusk are not the best times to bass fish on warm fall days. Even with the water temperatures coming up, much of that increase will not be seen until midday. Bass fishing in the morning is wasted time as bass still have not moved into more shallow waters and begun feeding yet on these warm days. The longer the water is exposed to sunshine, the warmer it gets and the more active bass become during a warm spell.

hot fall bass fishing on warm days | Vicious Fishing

Fall Bass Fishing Tactics 

Bass are re-energized with warm water mostly because it attracts large schools of bait fish and makes crawfish more active as well. When bass move up the water column to shallower water, an abundant amount of food awaits them.

The right fall bass fishing tactics include sticking with slower presentations for what are still less aggressive fish despite the injection of warmer water. Less aggressive fish does not necessarily mean fall bass are looking for smaller meals. Conversely, larger fall bass fishing patterns with a bigger profile outperform smaller fishing lures purely because bass want more bang for their effort this time of year.

3 Guaranteed Fall Bass Fishing Lures for Warm Days

If you had to choose three fall bass fishing patterns to cast on warm days, it would be one of these fishing lures.

  1. Lipless crankbaits – Warmer shallow waters are going to hold bass that is targeting baitfish. The lipless crankbait is one fall bass fishing lure that matches exactly what they are feeding on. Fish as big as ones as you can find color matched to the local forage and fish them slow.
  1. Crawfish imitations – Crawfish are revitalized on these warm fall fishing days along with the baitfish and the bass that follow. Take advantage and fish soft plastic crawdads. Tie one on with the right fishing line and “craw” them slowly over gravelly river shallows or along lake shores on warm afternoons.
  1. Spinnerbaits – To a bass, a fast moving spinnerbait this time of year looks a lot like a cluster of baitfish. Windy warm days are best as baitfish swim in tighter schools and bass react to any flurry of activity near them.

Pay attention to the weather and water temperature when it comes to fall bass fishing. Fishing for bass in the fall peaks on days that get a shot of warm temperatures and in turn a jolt of warm water. Fish fall bass fishing patterns like lipless crankbaits, crawdads, and spinnerbaits to take advantage of breaks in the cold and score some hot bass action.

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